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I speak from years of practical experience.  I own over 30 residential investment properties and have written five books on real estate including my all time best seller, Jeff Elias’ Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Finance, the nation’s most up-to-date comprehensive guide to real estate finance 

I am very excited to help you. Congratulations on your efforts to be well informed concerning real estate finance.  Here you can find my schedule of seminars to teach you how to increase your production by understanding the wonderful financing opportunities available for buyers and sellers.

For you real estate professionals, I promise to share proven methods that will increase your production.  I will teach you about financing and mortgages way beyond what you learned in real estate classes, including CRS & GRI.  You will find that this is one of the quickest ways to increase your production without spending more money on marketing or having to make more contacts.  You will build better production by building better financing techniques.

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Jeff Elias Seminars

900 Berkshire Way 

McKinney, Texas 75069-8842 


(972) 542.9200

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Jeff is driven to provide the nation’s most up-to-date and Comprehensive Guide To Real Estate Finance.  “When you walk away from my seminar, you are armed with the most current comprehensive financial information and reference material available anywhere.

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Dear Jeff,


What a wonderful seminar! I work with a builder who used to build in Arizona and has “preached” VA, FHA & Buy-downs to me for over a year. Your workbook and tapes are perfect. I can’t imagine why everyone is not using your source. It should be a requirement before you are allowed to work with buyers and sellers!

Thank you,


Judy Kline, RE/MAX

Champaign, IL

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