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Jeff Elias' Comprehensive Guide To Real Estate Finance

Deluxe Edition & One Year Update Service

Hard-Cover - Binder Book with Colored Tabs for each Major Division and one year's subscription to "Mortgage Notes " update service

 Hard-Cover Deluxe Edition with Index Tabs and one year's update service:  $119.95





This guide is not only an extremely comprehensive finance textbook, it is a daily reference tool used by over 250,000 real estate agents, homebuilders and mortgage lenders across the United States. It contains virtually everything you need to know about residential real estate finance and it will save you valuable time with its multitude of reference tables. 

 You get written permission to copy any pages that you may need in order to explain these concepts to your clients and others.

When you buy the guide, you get Jeff’s written approval to make copies of any pages that you need to use to explain any of the financial concepts.  The guide is rich with copyrighted information, figures and tables.  All of which you will be authorized to copy as you need them.

  • A “Must” for Today’s Real Estate Professional.
  • Information designed to increase sales.
  • Most useful and complete finance book ever printed
  •  Over 360 pages of completely revised information.



Book Divisions

Time-Saving Charts

Special Subjects Covered

  • Conventional Fixed Rate
  • Conventional ARM
  • Conventional GPM
  • FHA Fixed Rate
  • FHA Graduated Paymnt & ARM
  • VA Fixed Rate
  • VA Graduated Payment & ARM
  • Qualifying Buyers Section
  • Refinance Options
  • Sources of Money
  • Alternative Mortgages
  • Tax Benefits Section
  • Reference Tables
  • Answers to Objections
  • Seller Financing
  • Buydown Plans
  • Creative Finance Plans
  • Financial Terms and Definitions
  • Buyer and Seller Closing Costs
  • And More
  • Down Payment Charts
  • Financing Comparison Charts
  • Loan Qualification Charts
  • Tax and Insurance Pro-ration Tables
  • VA, FHA, & Conventional Loan Qualifying Worksheets
  • Discount Point Tables
  • Present and Future Value Tables
  • Payment Factors 3-20%
  • Tax Withholding Charts
  • Daily Interest Charts
  • Buydown Worksheets
  • FHA MIP Worksheets
  • Underwriting Comparison Charts
  • Interest-Only Mortgages
  • Advance Payments to Principal
  • VA Certificates of Eligibility
  • How Relatives Can Act as Investors
  • Seller Financing
  • Non-Qualifying Purchases
  • Tax Laws Relating to Real Estate Ownership
  • Sample “Creative Financing” Contracts
  • Refinancing to Gain Leverage
  • Bi-Weekly Mortgages
  • Co-Ownership Agreements
  • Compressed Buydowns
  • Lender-Funded Buydowns
  • FNMA’s Community Homebuyer Program


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