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How To Attract Buyers And Create More Sales

AUDIO CD Set with 500 Open Book Exercises

This CD AUDIO course will show you how you can increase the number of transactions you make each year by 4 to 20 sales.  I will show you how to expand your sphere of influence and just as importantly, how to make sales that you simply leave on the table, such as second home sales and investment property sales to your own customer/client base.  This training course comes with a 500-Exercise Workbook designed to increase your sales.

4 Audio CDs with Workbook Set:   $199.90


I will provide you with a system so that you can council your sphere of influence, ask about second home or investment property purchases and point out that they could sell their present house and move up to a better house, instead of refinancing the same home to lower payments.  Incidentally, if your client agrees to move up, rather than refinance, you would get the listing and a move up sale.  If they refinance, as many are doing, you get nothing. Take the opportunity to hone your skills with the Workbook.  The Workbook has 500 exercises designed to increase your sales as you become more proficient and skilled.  This course consists of 13 lessons to include:

How to improve buyer's credit scores; How Buy-Downs can help buyers purchase larger homes; How to increase the Buyer's take home pay by $50 to $2,500 per month, and much MUCH more.


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