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Gary Keller, Chairman, Keller Williams

Austin, TX



    When interest rates reached 18% in the 1980's, I went 5 months without a sale and contemplated leaving the real estate business.  I attended one of your finance seminars and found out that financing was the key to the business.  Thanks you for saving my career, which has allowed me to build my company to 72,000 Associates.


Judy Kline, RE/MAX

Champaign, IL


Dear Jeff,

What a wonderful seminar! I work with a builder who used to build in Arizona and has “preached” VA, FHA & Buy-downs to me for over a year. Your workbook and tapes are perfect. I can’t imagine why everyone is not using your source. It should be a requirement before you are allowed to work with buyers and sellers!

Thank you,


Vince Fellner, Century 21

Belton, MO


Dear Jeff,

I also attended one of your previous seminars in K.C. several years ago. At least two of my subsequent sales would never have closed if I hadn’t used your charts to convince buyers that an increase in the interest rates was not so dramatic when tax deductions were considered. At this most recent seminar I again marveled at your positive ‘can do’ approach delivered with gusto and enthusiasm that kept us all on the edge of our seats. Almost no one left early. Besides several little gems that I picked up at your latest seminar, there was a biggie that will surely put money into my pocket. Until your seminar, we accepted that only two things could be changed to sell an old listing – price and property. Now there’s a third one in my bag – Terms.

With Sincere Thanks,


Minniel J. Miller

Craige Real Estate

New Orleans, LA


Dear Mr. Elias:

I learned more from your seminar and reading your book than I ever learned in real estate school. Your book has been most informative. I have used some of the techniques explained in your guide. Because of your information, my sales have really increased.

Very Truly Yours,


Dennis A. Duncan

Dominion Bankshares Mortgage

Blacksburg, VA


Dear Jeff:

I wanted to thank both you and Janie for successfully conducting another Home Financing seminar in the Blacksburg, VA area. This second seminar was as successful as the first.

While thinking about what I would say when introducing Jeff, I thought back to 1990 when we had our first seminar. At that time, very few of our agents knew much about buydowns, much less used them. I had been trying to introduce this concept to our marketplace for some time and Jeff was the spark that I needed to get things going. Since that time, my production has increased approximately 30%.

Kind regards,


Barbara Potter, GRI

Barbara Potter & Associates, Gordonsville, VA

Over 30 million in sales


Dear Mr. Elias:

I attributed $20,000.00 in income directly from your 2-1 buydown program in 1998. Thanks from me, my sellers and my buyers.


Rosalie & Andrew Coyne, CRS, GRI REALTORS

St. Petersburg, FL


Dear Jeff:

Andrew and I certainly enjoyed and benefited from your great presentation at the Suncoast Board yesterday... You were excellent, and we sincerely thank you.

Jeff, we saw you for the first time in early 1987, at which time we purchased your entire program, including tapes. We were brand new to the business then, and our company had a very poor training program. With this help of your reference materials we taught ourselves to be multi-million dollar producers in the first 18 months of business (approx. 3.5 million dollars in sales). We credit you in large part for sharing knowledge with us that made that possible.

Looking at our (original) manual, it resembles a well used Bible! It’s really dog-eared... We truly think you are special!


Lynda Vinson-Mathews, CRS, GRI, CRP

RE/MAX Town and Country, Atlanta, GA

Company top producer since 1989


Dear Jeff,

I attended a Jeff Elias seminar in Atlanta where I purchased a Jeff Elias Finance book. The information in that book helped me sell at least ten homes immediately to first timers who couldn’t understand the reason for buying vs. renting -- the borderline buyers or the life-time renters who are often reluctant buyers. I used the book for quick reference and handouts when the need arose upon various occasions.     


Kerri Muldrow, Sales Mgr.

ERA Momentum Realty, Austin, TX



Sorry I had to leave early, but I wanted to let you know I attended a seminar you held around a year ago in Midland, TX. As a result of the information and techniques I learned in your seminar, I was able to double my transactions. In addition, the agents in my office who attended the seminar were also able to increase their production by about 30% -- and my bottom line by the same amount. Thank you!  Hopefully I will be able to reproduce those same results here in Austin.

Best Wishes.


Al Gelinas, GRI

Dayspring REALTORS, Pittsfield, MA


Dear Jeff,

Dropping you a note to thank you for the great program you taught in Pittsfield recently.  As usual, I received many great ideas which I went right out to the marketplace with and put them to use. The tapes I purchased are great and my new guidebook is invaluable. I saw you speak the first year I was in business (6 yrs. ago) and it had a profound effect on my career.  I’m on track to sell one hundred units this year, 10-10 1/2 million, and it’s because I’ve become an expert in R E finance and taxation. Thanks again for all the great info. Please keep it up, our industry needs you!

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